What to wear?

OK so you’ve scheduled your session and now you’re wondering what do I wear?!  Well I’m here to help and offer some suggestions.

This depends on two things: season & location

First let’s consider the location, it will all depend on the location of your session:

Beach Session: light, airy hues of blue, green, pink, and creams work best.

Forest: Think jewel colors; bold and vibrant greens, purples, blues, maroons.

Studio Session: Solid colors work best with the simple background colors I use. This is wear you can all wear white shirts or black shirts. The contrast with the backdrop makes subjects stand out.

Now the season: Obviously we aren’t going to be wearing a sundress in the snow or a sweater and booties on the beach. I think this point is self explanatory 😉

Bold colors and simple prints look great in photos. The key to dressing the part for your session are TEXTURES & LAYERS.  Pretty scarfs, leggings under a dress, hats, blazers, vests, adorable heels or some funky boots. A variety of textures give that photo a little more dimension and add to the depth of your style and WHO YOU ARE. Accessories like jewelry, glasses, and hair accessories are only going to add to the personality of your session. Coordination is key if you are incorporating others in portraits BUT you don’t need to be matchy-matchy. I repeat do not wear the same color. Think in tones. Your outfits should match the tone of the background and each other. Tonal Harmony.

Your clothing should be fitted well and most of all make you feel comfortable. Loving what you wear makes you feel good, so it’s important that you feel good for your session.

Logos, print and characters are a no-no. Keep in mind that there will be full body shots so from your head to your toe should be taken into consideration.

Still don’t have a clue what to wear? Call me, I’m happy to help by viewing the items in your closet or bring your closet with you at the shoot and we can pick and pair things. A lot of my clients text me photos as they are purchasing or pairing outfits…I highly encourage it!

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