Two months


Two months old already…wow. I will probably say it every time I post but time is going by too fast and soon enough I will be returning to work 🙁 The positive is that Marcus will be developing more and more. Since he’s not a big fan of tummy time we use a boppy to help him out and that makes a big difference where before he would last a minute flat on the floor. He is such a smiley baby, it’s wonderful. He coo’s and gives us little laughs more often now. He came very close to rolling over yesterday so any day now! He is very attentive and focused when we read to him and he just loves hanging out in his bouncy seat listening to music while his silly parents dance and sing for him 🙂 He loves to eat his hands and snuggle as close as he can get to anyone and anything when he’s being put down for a nap or bed.



Here is the monthly progression of this little ham!




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