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Our little guy turned 3 months Tuesday! I can’t believe how much he has changed. It’s so much fun to watch him develop and figure things out. He can grab things…like my hair which is never down anymore! He has rolled over from his belly to his back. He is grabbing at his toes and it’s so frigging adorable.  I absolutely love seeing this lovable face when he wakes up from a nap:

3 month baby portrait

It amazes me how much more I love him as each day goes by…I was told about this unconditional love you have for your child but until you experience it you really have no idea. It’s nothing short of AMAZING. I’m so thankful I get to experience and give him this love…it’s truly endless.

boston 3 month baby pictures
We have been blessed with such a happy, lovable baby. I remember for the first month it was really hard trying to figure him out and build that confidence up that says “I know what I’m doing and It’s all good!”. He is always smiling and laughing and talking…oh and kicking those legs like he’s warming up for a Riverdance show!

boston baby photographer
southern ma baby photographer
He loves sticking his tongue out…we like to call it the Gene Simmons tongue. I’ll have to try and capture it when it’s fully extended, it’s pretty funny!
boston baby photographer

boston childrens photographer
I’m not just capturing the perfect smiley expressions either! He’ll hate me one day for sharing these types I’m sure!
Boston baby photographer
It’s times like these when we get to sit back and admire such a beautiful and happy child…we feel like we hit the biggest lottery ever! We still ask ourselves “is he really ours to keep forever?” and “I can’t believe we made this beautiful human being”.
Boston baby photographer
3 month baby photos
3 month baby pictures boston baby photographer
boston baby photographer captures 3 month portraits

Cathy Pires - What adorable pics of little Marcus. You have captured his beautiful personality. I love to see how much he has changed and grown. Such a sweetie, like his Mom and Dad ! xo

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