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6 Month Portraits {South Shore Baby Photographer}

WOW where to even start? This age is so much fun! Marcus is sitting up, pushing himself forward into the crawl position and becoming very vocal… and is not afraid to tell us when he doesn’t like something. He is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen and yes I know I’m biased but he is ALWAYS smiling and if he isn’t, it’s because he’s tired or hungry 😉

I have taken SO MANY photos of this kid and he’s already making me work for it when we’re in the studio…specifically the THREE times I brought him down for his holiday photos. Is it bad that a Photographer’s child isn’t even smiling in his holiday card? I think it’s pretty comical and he does have a slight smile but not the big smile he shows us every day.

He is such a loving baby, whether he’s giving kisses or laying his head on your shoulder. I race home every day to get this love from my love bug. Right now his current nickname is Bam Bam because he is rough and tough! Pulling hair, launching himself forward when you’re trying to hold him and ripping toys out of his exersaucer…this kids is a brute through and through! It’s a double edge sword because although I’m eager to see what he develops next, I know it happens all too fast and before I know it I’ll be sending him off to college so I need it all to sloooow down.


This is his 5 month token chair photo below…

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5 month old fall portraits {South Shore Baby Photographer}

We took a nice walk in the woods over the weekend and took advantage of the beautiful foliage for his 5 month portraits. He’s looking like such a little boy sometimes and not so much baby 🙁 Marcus if you can read my thoughts: STOP GROWING SO FAST!  He is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing (or babbling).  My Mom also got a few shots of us the week before 🙂 It’s so important to me to get in these photos with him and capture these moments so one day we can look back on them and smile!

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