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One Year Old {Boston Baby Photographer, First Birthday Portraits}


This person we brought into the world has been here for one whole year (and a month and a half by now, I’m a little late posting). It’s so incredible the human body and mind. This little human has learned so much and can do so much in this short span of time. My Mom has been saying “if we grew continuously at the rate of babies we would all be giants!”
It’s so true, babies grow so much just in their first year. True survival people. It amazes me now that I’m seeing it first hand. We took our first family bike ride last weekend! It was a disaster to start and I swear Marcus did enjoy himself, he just didn’t like it when I stopped and he hates the sun in his face.  OK I’ll stop for now…but sorry folks, this is going to be a big post with lots of photos of Marcus!

p.s. the second set of photos were taken right at his 1 year mark, the others with the Balloons were actually taken two weeks ago…and he’s changed so much in that one month!

1st birthday pictures
mvw-one (66 of 79)

boston 1st birthday portraits


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boston baby photographer
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Family vacation {Boston Family and Baby Photographer}

We had our first family vacation in the beginning of June down in the Cape and it was fabulous! Minus the first few mornings waking up at 4:30 because the sun soaks into the bedrooms…by the last day he was back to his normal schedule of course 😉

We took many quiet walks through the neighborhoods, saw many bunnies…even a teeny tiny baby one! We played in the sand and water…it actually wasn’t too bad considering the cape in early June. Marcus really enjoyed himself!  This was his first beach experience and I’m happy it was a successful one.




cape cod photography
cape cod photography
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11 Months old! {Boston Baby Portrait Photographer}

If I could pick a favorite year of my life, this past year would far surpass any previous favorite year. This little human being makes me the happiest person in the world. Well I guess all new parents feel they are the happiest people ever! Marcus is walking all the time now, the little drunken sailor…it’s so great to watch.

This is what he looks like when I bust out my big camera that he LOVES to play with! So I guess it’s pretty easy to get a great big smile from him when I bust it out 😉

boston baby photographer
boston baby photographer

My little model 🙂

boston child photographer
boston childrens photographer

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