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Cape Cod times…good times!

Two weeks after we returned from Cali we were on our way to Chatham, MA in Cape Cod with family to celebrate the Independence of our country. The beautiful beaches and colorful sunsets/sunrises were the highlight of my trip. A side from spending quality time with my family and marking off a bucket list item: piercing my nose!


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California dreaming…

We recently took a 3-leg trip out to California. What did we see? San Francisco, Sequoia National Forest and Lake Tahoe. So many beautiful places I tell you. California and especially seeing the Giants of Sequoia were a top item on my bucket list. I actually hugged one (if you know me you aren’t too surprised). Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip. I’ve provided some links for informational purposes if you ever want to see what we’ve seen…I highly recommend it!

My favorite part was the park…just being around these giant trees that have seen thousands of years was just amazing. The stars at night were like a blanket of star constellations that you could touch, they felt that close to us. I regret not trying a slow shutter exposure to catch some star trails but it was our last night there and well, I was exhausted. I will hold that image and memory in my mind forever. You know when you’re at the doctor’s and they tell you to think of a favorite, beautiful, peaceful place? Well the stars are what I will go to.

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